We are a Licensed Regional Financing Platform

For Investors

Invest in SMEs you Care About. Earn Returns of up to 24%*

  • Generate better returns than fixed deposits and bonds*
  • See a SME project you like? Invest as little as 100 SGD

For Borrowers

Gain Access to Transparent, Cost Effective, and Fast Loans

  • Get financing up to S$500,000
  • Interest rate between 0.7% – 1.7% per month*
  • No collateral required
Returns of up to


invest from as low as

$100 SGD

financing options of up to

$500K SGD



Our services

What we can do for you

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Investing on SmartFunding is as easy as pie, really. Sign up and sign in to your investor dashboard, make a deposit, and finance a SME project that piques your interest. Best of all, everything is as clear as day: From your returns to your duration to your risks. Yes, it's you who is essentially in the driver's seat---at all times!



Get funds for your SME business in a matter of days---not weeks or even months. Sign up, sign in, and submit the relevant documents. That's about it! Once you've done that, we will personally contact you soon. Don't worry, everything will be clearly stipulated, including your interest rates, your loan duration, and your loan amount.


Our user-friendly financing and investment platform offers the best benefits for both Investors and SMEs.



Generate stronger, higher returns of up to 24% per year*.


Support your local SMEs that you truly care and find meaningful.


Mitigate risks by diversifying your portfolio either manually or with our Auto Invest feature. Invest from as little as S$100.



Choose the funding amount or the best term for you, hassle-free.


No more hidden fees and interest charges that add more burden.


Receive your money within two working days with complete documentation.



Saiful Muhammad - SmartFunding Investor

“Smart Funding has been my first online investment platform and I was glad to find it convenient and transparent. As a beginner investor, I have my initial doubts about the platform and I was worried about the security of my funds and whether there will be results coming in.


Thankfully, the Smart Funding platform assured me that I’m able to diversify my risks by investing in smaller amounts — even as little as 100 SGD per investment. Hence, I felt more relieved and secure since I was in complete control over my funds, and that contributed to developing a deeper trust for the platform.”


Saiful MuhammadSmartFunding Investor
Lee Han Yang - SmartFunding Investor

“I found out about Smart Funding recently through a Facebook advertisement. Initially, I wanted to find out more details about the platform as I’ve never heard about it before. Previously, I’ve had a few investing experiences with other platforms as well, so I wanted to explore this new platform and see what benefits it could offer.


So far, I would say that my investing experience has been smooth-sailing, and I could see stable results coming in and I’m hoping to see more when I expand my portfolio investments. I’m glad to have come across Smart Funding as they are a genuine platform that provides attractive returns and higher protection.”

Lee Han YangSmartFunding Investor
Shannon Lin - SmartFunding Investor

“I first got to know about Smart Funding through a social media post on Facebook. I have done investing on other platforms before, but this is my first time hearing about the Smart Funding platform. However, I was impressed to find it outstandingly professional and transparent. For each investment portfolio, I was provided with a loan factsheet for me to research and acquire more information about the loans and projects before actually investing in them. This allows me to conduct a thorough analysis of the company beforehand which guarantees more assurance on my choice of investments.

So far, I’m glad to say that I’ve faced little to no issues during my investing experience with Smart Funding. The process is really fast, straightforward and secure. I am looking forward to receiving more attractive returns as it expands in the P2P landscape.”

Shannon LinSmartFunding Investor
Lim Jun Jie - SmartFunding Investor

“As an experienced investor, I have tried many different types of financing platforms before and this is the first time I’ve heard about Smart Funding. What perked my interest when I first saw the ad on Facebook was that it offered attractive returns and how it supports community funding to rebuild SMEs. After seeing how business revenues have drastically dropped after being affected by Covid, I started becoming aware of the difficulties which they are having and I wanted to provide some support for them in a way.

Initially, I did not have high expectations for this platform. However, I would say that I was quite impressed with the benefits, transparency and professionalism of the platform. They ensured that investors are well-equipped with ample knowledge about the loans and projects before they start investing in them.

Lim Jun JieSmartFunding Investor
Karthick Selva - SmartFunding Investor

As an amateur investor in crowd funding, I started my journey with Smart funding in this year.

Attracted by Smartfunding SMEs support / local funding and the clarity on the loan fact sheet, it built a trust in me for investing here.

Enjoying my investing over here so far. A truly trustable experience! Steady growth in capital.

Karthick SelvaSmartFunding Investor