We provide smart financing solutions.

Run your business smoothly

Sell outstanding invoices and improve your cashflow.

Invoice Financing is ideal for businesses struggling with cashflow problems.


Choose which invoices you sell to us.


Receive timely and accurate information about fees and interest charges.


Receive your money within as short a period as a couple of days.

Want to grow your business, but have financing issues?

You have full order books

but not enough cashflow

You have many statisifed customers

but they make late payments

SmartFunding is here to solve them!

You no longer need to wait for months and months

Sell your invoices to investors on our platform, and get paid now!

How Invoice Financing Works for Businesses


A business (e.g., a supplier SME) issues an invoice to their customer.

The invoice is due for payment within 90 days. The SME owner, however, urgently needs extra cash to pay his suppliers and employees. Financing is required.


SME signs up with SmartFunding and submits unpaid invoices.

SmartFunding conducts extensive credit research on the business. After passing the assessment, SmartFunding posts information on the invoice (e.g., interest rate, investment terms) on the online investment platform.


SME obtains secured and sustainable cash flow.

After successfully applying for financing, SME receives up to 80% of the sold invoice. All the SME has to do now is wait for their Invoice Debtor (the customer) to fully pay the invoice.

Running a business? You don’t have to wait several months to receive payments. Our solution enables you to get paid upfront by selling unpaid invoices. Pick the invoices you want to sell, without minimum monthly transactions or fees. Use our service whenever you need it!

We want to provide our financing solution to a wide audience, so we don’t require a minimum invoice amount. But we do require businesses to be transparent about their accounts and their business dealings in order to correctly assess their financial situation.

Still unsure what Invoice Financing is? Learn more by clicking on the link below!


  • No minimum regular commitment of invoices to finance
  • A simple and transparent fee structure
  • A speedy decision-making process on your eligibility to be an invoice seller on our platform - no more than 5 days after receiving all your documents
  • A hassle-free experience when you submit subsequent invoices for financing