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We are pushing our limits to disrupt the factoring market with our passion for technology.


Founded in Singapore, SmartFunding is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides trustworthy alternative financing solutions that are 100% focused on small and medium businesses (SMEs). At SmartFunding, we connect businesses in Singapore that want to sell unpaid invoices to improve their cash flow, with local Investors who want to purchase them. This type of peer-to-peer platform is called Invoice Financing.

Invoice Financing benefits businesses because it can help them weather tightening credit conditions. To raise working capital, businesses can simply sell unpaid invoices to willing Investors - instead of taking out loans from a bank. At the same time, helping local businesses raise interim funds can translate into high returns for Investors.

SmartFunding is able to bridge the SME funding gap in Singapore by meeting the financing needs of SMEs through the creation of alternative investment opportunities for Investors.


SmartFunding’s mission is two-pronged. First, we want to create an online, alternative investment platform that can deliver strong returns to Investors who want to invest in Invoice Financing. Second, we want to deliver more funding options for SMEs in Southeast Asia. By doing so, we can help support the growth potential of these businesses, and of the region as well.

Currently, we offer Invoice Financing solutions for businesses and Investors in Singapore. In the near future, we aim to roll out other innovative fintech products and extend these offerings to a wider audience across the region.


SmartFunding is set up and driven by a team of experienced founders and executives who have extensive fintech and financial experience in various international markets. With a vision to provide the best-of-breed technology and operational practices, we developed an innovative fintech platform that meets the needs of businesses and Investors. To accomplish this, we raised our early-stage funding from two strategic investors, namely InvestorLend, an Australia-based private fund management firm, and Fintech Asia Group, a member company of the Australia-listed venture builder Fatfish Internet Group (ASX: FFG).


Community Building

We want businesses in Singapore to benefit from a flexible way to improve their cash flow.

Keeping Everyone’s Interests Aligned

We offer attractive rates to both businesses and Investors.

Managing Risks

We conduct extensive credit research on SMEs both internally and via an independent third-party, in order to provide our Investors with reliable information that will help them make the right investment decisions. We have also partnered with a trust company in creating an escrow account, ensuring our Investors’ funds are fully protected.


We provide a simple fee structure and comprehensive information on each invoice.


We are pushing our limits to disrupt the factoring market with our passion for technology.

Sandra Ernst

Sandra Ernst  
Chief Executive Officer

Hailing from Germany, her interest in alternative financing solutions took her to the UK, US, Middle East, then further East – Malaysia and Singapore. Her 10-year industry experience – which includes that with one of Europe’s leading cooperative banking providers, as well as that in private equity real estate in Malaysia – sets her up for SmartFunding’s mission to find more funding options for SMEs in Southeast Asia.

Sandra has an MSc in Islamic Finance & Arabic from Durham and Edinburgh University, UK.

Diego Rojas

Diego Rojas  
Chief Technology Officer

An engineering genius and fullstack developer, passionate about distributed systems, this Argentinian geek speaks not only several programming languages and spanish, he is also fluent in English and Mandarin. Armed with 10 years of experience, several of them with LendingClub and Dianrong.com, two P2P lending industry leaders in the US and China, he co-founded a software development company in Hong Kong, before he joined us as our IT maestro.

Diego studied Systems Engineering in UNICEN, Argentina.

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee  
Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Aaron engaged in private legal practice before he became our beloved in-house legal guy. He is loved not only for his knack of breaking down legal buzzwords, complex problems into simple, realistic solutions, but also for his knack of breaking down barriers quickly and winning friends.

Aaron has a Bachelor of Laws from The National University of Malaysia.

Janice Choong  
Senior Business Development Manager

Janice joined the team in 2017 as our Senior Sales Manager, equipped with more than 10 years of experience in sales. She specialises in dealing with various clients, ranging from government bodies to local SMES. Janice prides herself on building professional partnerships with clients to understand their needs and delivering best possible solutions. She is an avid dog lover with an outgoing personality.

She majored in management accountancy from Singapore.

Yohan Théatre  
Investor Relations

As a finance and tech enthusiast, Yohan has experience in passive investment, hedge funds, risk management, and contributes as an author for the disruptive financial online media The Market Mogul. Always up for new challenges, he has also ventured outside the financial industry - working in law firms and even in business travel management.

Yohan is a M.Sc. Finance candidate at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Germany). He holds a LL.B. and a B.Sc. Management and Economics from Paris-Dauphine University (France). He also successfully passed the CFA Level I and FRM Part I.

Rowland Imperial  
Customer Acquisition

Rowland, a well-trained linguist, has been putting his (meta-)knowledge of language and discourse into practice by developing marketing materials. He’s written market portfolios for a bank, website and mobile content, and marketing video storyboards. Outside marketing, he spent two years developing and writing a 30,000-word dissertation, which he vows he'll never do again.

Rowland recently fulfilled all requirements for an M.A. Degree in Language Studies at the National University of Singapore. He currently has a BA (Honours) in English Language from the same university.


The innovative people in technology and finance that help us make our vision a reality.

Kin-Wai Lau

Kin-Wai Lau  
Director & Advisor

A tech entrepreneur who started at age 23, who took his company to IPO at 28, Kin-Wai has since taken four SEA tech companies public. This CEO of Singapore-headquartered venture builder Fatfish Internet Group travels tirelessly to help not only start-ups, but also their founders, to grow and succeed. Kin-Wai is an Engineering graduate from University of Manchester, who completed an MBA from University of Oxford.

Marcus Ungar

Marcus Ungar  
Director & Advisor

At the tender age of 25, Marcus was already a founding member of CGAM Pty Ltd. Two years later, he is the CEO of InvestorLend, an investment portal based in Australia that enables investors to invest in secured commercial loans. Marcus has a Bachelor of Business in International Business from University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

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